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  • Rare Albino Bottlenose Dolphin Spotted Off Florida Coast

    An albino bottlenose dolphin, recently spotted off the east coast of Florida, was caught on video flashing its white dorsal fin above the water's blue waves. The rare white dolphin is the star of an amateur video filmed by Danielle Carter, a volunteer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Carter took the video when she unexpectedly noticed the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops ...

  • Beached dolphin rescued in Port Craig

    A juvenile dolphin was reunited with its mother after a Port Craig woman rescued it off the beach on Thursday.

  • VIDEO: In search of Myanmar's rare dolphin

    Dolphin numbers along Myanmar's Irrawaddy River have declined to such an extent that they are now listed as critically endangered, and those that remain are now wary of human contact.

  • Ex-Dolphin lineman Keith Sims shares coupon secrets

    Keith Sims knows how to protect and block.

  • Dolphin deaths blamed on Govt apathy

    A conservation group is blaming the recent deaths of two Hector's dolphins on Government apathy and complacency.

  • Gruesome images of shark attack on dolphin as beaches in Australia closed for record seventh day

    Beaches remain closed as great white is joined by new group of sharks around the city of Newcastle, apparently attracted by warmer waters

  • Stores report boost to Christmas trade

    TRADERS in Poole?s Dolphin Centre have reported improved trade in the run-up to Christmas.



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