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  • Govt urged to act by world's top dolphin scientists

    The world's top dolphin scientists have urged the New Zealand government to act now to protect the Maui's dolphin marine environment or risk the species being extinct in 20 years.The stark warning comes in the Scientific Committee...

  • Moray Firth dolphin jetski harassment claim probed

    POLICE are investigating reports of a jetski allegedly disturbing a dolphin and her calf in the Moray Firth ? home to the world?s most northerly population of rare bottlenose dolphins.

  • Dolphin Dies After Tourists Hold It Up for Photos

    A group of tourists on a southern China beach interfered with the rescue of a dolphin in distress Sunday, even holding the animal out of the water to pose for photographs, before one lung collapsed and the dolphin died.

  • Scientists urge NZ to act on Maui dolphins

    Some of the world?s leading whale, dolphin and porpoise scientists have expressed their ?extreme concern? about the survival of New Zealand?s Maui?s dolphin, urging the government to take immediate action to ensure ?full protection of Maui?s in all areas throughout their habitat?. ...

  • More action sought to save Maui's dolphins

    The Maui's dolphin is threatened with extinction within 20 years, despite measures to protect them, an International Whaling Commission committee reports.



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