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  • Mysterious New Virus Found in Sick Dolphin

    In October 2010, the body of a young short-beaked common dolphin was found stranded on a beach in San Diego, Calif. The sickly female had lesions in its airway, and a necropsy showed that it died of so-called tracheal bronchitis, likely due to an infection.

  • Dolphin Makes Early Break for Freedom From Korean Rehab Facility

    This is the story of a dolphin named Sampal.


    Regulatory News:

  • Current dolphin protection 'not good enough'

    Scientists say Banks Peninsula is a very good example of ?where dolphin protection boundaries don?t match up with the scientific results of research,? after being surprised to find the endangered Hector's dolphin frequenting even the ?innermost parts of Akaroa Harbour? after a yearlong study. ...

  • Bird Virus Crossover Found In Beached Dolphin

    Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A group of marine biologists announced they have found a stranded dolphin on a San Diego beach that was apparently killed by a virus previously thought to have only a mild effect on mammals. The short-nosed dolphin was apparently killed by a polyomavirus , which is known to cause disease in birds. "It is therefore interesting that this ...

  • Dolphin Therapy Summed Up in Two Words: Big Scam

    Do dolphins have special, mystical powers than can heal the sick and reduce the symptoms of autism and other developmental disorders? An entire industry has sprung up around this utterly unproven belief, taking advantage of the deep bonds that humans yearn to experience with these animals, the most intelligent creatures of the sea.



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