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  • Dolphin breaks arm of surfer in SW

    A WA surfer whose arm was broken as he clashed with a pod of dolphins has likened it to being hit by a torpedo.

  • First dolphin born in captivity in PH

    SUBIC BAY, Philippines - The country's first live birth of a bottle-nosed dolphin in captivity happened in Subic last July 6. A baby dolphin was born 7 pm on July 6, at the Ocean Adventure marine park in Subic Bay, said Carlo Magno, the marine park's Director for Animal Care Department. Said Magno: "The ...

  • Mysterious New Virus Found in Sick Dolphin

    In October 2010, the body of a young short-beaked common dolphin was found stranded on a beach in San Diego, Calif. The sickly female had lesions in its airway, and a necropsy showed that it died of so-called tracheal bronchitis, likely due to an infection.

  • 1st dolphin born in captivity

    Subic Bay Freeport - A dolphin named "Vi" became the first dolphin to ever give birth to a calf in human care in the country.

  • First captive dolphin gives birth in Subic

    A bottle-nosed dolphin at the Ocean Adventure Park in Subic gave birth last July 7, making it the first dolphin birth in captivity in the country.



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