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  • Moko the dolphin remembered on-screen

    The life and death of friendly dolphin Moko was captured by filmmaker Amy Taylor and will be relived by NZ Film Festival audiences.

  • Mysterious New Virus Found in Sick Dolphin

    In October 2010, the body of a young short-beaked common dolphin was found stranded on a beach in San Diego, Calif. The sickly female had lesions in its airway, and a necropsy showed that it died of so-called tracheal bronchitis, likely due to an infection.

  • First dolphin born in captivity in PH

    SUBIC BAY, Philippines - The country's first live birth of a bottle-nosed dolphin in captivity happened in Subic last July 6. A baby dolphin was born 7 pm on July 6, at the Ocean Adventure marine park in Subic Bay, said Carlo Magno, the marine park's Director for Animal Care Department. Said Magno: "The ...

  • Dolphin breaks arm of surfer in SW

    A WA surfer whose arm was broken as he clashed with a pod of dolphins has likened it to being hit by a torpedo.

  • 1st dolphin born in captivity

    Subic Bay Freeport - A dolphin named "Vi" became the first dolphin to ever give birth to a calf in human care in the country.

  • Dolphin Therapy Summed Up in Two Words: Big Scam

    Do dolphins have special, mystical powers than can heal the sick and reduce the symptoms of autism and other developmental disorders? An entire industry has sprung up around this utterly unproven belief, taking advantage of the deep bonds that humans yearn to experience with these animals, the most intelligent creatures of the sea.

  • NOAA Says "No" to Dolphin-Safe Tuna

    WASHINGTON, July 15, 2013 -- Last week the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued regulations it claims will protect dolphins and provide consumers with greater assurance that no dolphins were harmed or killed during the harvest of tuna.

  • First captive dolphin gives birth in Subic

    A bottle-nosed dolphin at the Ocean Adventure Park in Subic gave birth last July 7, making it the first dolphin birth in captivity in the country.

  • Dolphin Dies After Tourists Hold It Up for Photos

    A group of tourists on a southern China beach interfered with the rescue of a dolphin in distress Sunday, even holding the animal out of the water to pose for photographs, before one lung collapsed and the dolphin died.

  • More North Sea drilling for Blackford

    Dolphin Drilling is firming up a longer drilling programme in the UK sector of the North Sea with the award for a further nine-month deal worth US $115 million.



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