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  • Dolphin 'boat death' investigated

    Reports of a dolphin being hit by a boat and killed are being investigated by wildlife crime officers from Devon and Cornwall Police.

  • Rare dolphin killed in 'boat hit-and-run'

    Police wildlife officers investigating reports that bottlenose dolphin calf was killed off coast of Cornwall in UK Specialist police wildlife officers are investigating the hit-and-run death of a rare dolphin, apparently after a collision with a power boat. The bottlenose dolphin calf was part of a small inshore pod living in the waters off the south-west coast of England. It is thought the ...

  • Rare dolphin dies in 'hit-and-run' boating incident off English coast

    PADSTOW, England, July 22 (UPI) -- Wildlife officers in Britain say they're investigating reports of a possible "hit-and-run" death of a rare dolphin killed by a boat off the coast of Cornwall.

  • Mysterious New Virus Found in Sick Dolphin

    In October 2010, the body of a young short-beaked common dolphin was found stranded on a beach in San Diego, Calif. The sickly female had lesions in its airway, and a necropsy showed that it died of so-called tracheal bronchitis, likely due to an infection.

  • Boat blamed for rare dolphin death

    Specialist wildlife crime officers are investigating the death of a bottlenose dolphin which is believed to have been killed by a boat.

  • We Call Him Flipper. But What Do The Dolphins Call Him?

    Dolphins, like humans, are part of complex social networks. And research now indicates that they use their unique whistle sounds to identify and communicate with each other. "Every time a dolphin heard its signature whistle, it called back, sometimes multiple times," one researcher says.

  • Hey, Flipper! How dolphins learn each other's names

    Dolphins call to each other using distinctive whistles that serve as names, new research suggests.Each dolphin makes its own unique whistle, and close friends or family will reply with the same sound.

  • First live dolphin born in captivity dies

    SUBIC BAY FREEPORT -- The first dolphin ever to be born in captivity has died. The Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc., (SBMEI) which took care of the calf after it was born in its facility, announced the death 8...



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