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  • Dolphin escapes rehab facility, finds family in ocean

    By CAROLINE LEE, UPI.com A dolphin held in captivity was in a rehab facility to ease her back into the wild, but made her exit earlier than intended.

  • Dolphin born in captivity dies of infection

    The first dolphin born in captivity in the country died on Sunday due to an infection and a weak immune system, an official of the marine theme park Ocean Adventure here said.

  • Dolphin¿s delight as dancer performs back flips in front of his aquarium

    A dolphin at an aquarium in Florida waggles his head and fins in delight as a girl performs cartwheels and back-flips in front of his glass-fronted tank.

  • Government Declares Mass Dolphin Die-Off an Unusual Mortality Event

    At least 54 bottlenose dolphins have died in Florida's Indian River Lagoon since January. Today, the federal government is stepping in to help find out what's killing them. In a normal year, that number would be closer to 22.        

  • Q&A: What you need to know about the 2013 bottlenose dolphin deaths

    NOAA Fisheries has declared an Unusual Mortality Event due to increased bottlenose dolphin strandings in the Indian River Lagoon System along the east coast of Florida beginning in January 2013.

  • Baby dolphin dies in captivity weeks after birth

    SUBIC BAY, Philippines - The first-ever dolphin calf born in captivity in this country has died, according to officials of the theme park Ocean Adventure. In a statement, Carlo Magno, Ocean Adventure's Director for Animal Care Department, said that the calf died on Sunday, July 21, due to an infection. The baby ...

  • Dolphin Captain Hook gets hooked

    MARINE experts are on the hunt for the Port River's oldest dolphin Captain Hook, following reports he has a fishing hook stuck in his mouth.



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