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  • AUDIO: Dolphin attacks baffle experts

    Dolphin attacks on porpoises in Cardigan Bay have left marine scientists scratching their heads.

  • Dolphin attacks on bay porpoises

    Dolphin attacks on porpoises in Cardigan Bay leave marine scientists scratching their heads.

  • Dolphin art works are vandalised

    Two dolphin art works, which are part of a popular project in Aberdeen, are vandalised.

  • Dusty the dolphin relocates as fears grow for swimmer safety

    A bottlenose dolphin known to have attacked several swimmers in Clare last year has relocated to the Aran Islands, with fears she could do the same there.

  • ?Don?t swim with this dolphin? islanders warned, as ?Dusty? changes location

    A number of swimmers were injured by the mammal off Co Clare last summer?

  • Video: Watch the baby dolphin rescued after 12-hour ordeal

    A BABY dolphin that was beached at Port Willunga and survived being attacked by a fox and a dog has been returned to open water in search of its mother.

  • Experts Appalled at Oil Survey Threat to Maui Dolphin

    Monday 14 July 2014: Following yesterday?s rally at John Key?s electorate office in Kumeu, international dolphin experts are appalled that that the Government has allowed seismic oil surveys to occur in the protected area for the world?s smallest ...

  • Jessie Ware: 'I sing like a dolphin!'

    London singer Jessie Ware on her debut album

  • Baby Dolphin Rescued After Washing Up on Florida Beach

    An exhausted baby dolphin that washed up along a Florida coast is now recovering, officials said.

  • Australia activist takes Japan dolphin slaughter town to court

    A court case pitting an Australian activist against a Japanese town known for its annual dolphin hunt got under way Friday with allegations that the campaigner was thrown out of a marine museum. Sarah Lucas, head of the group "Australia for Dolphins", is seeking seven million yen ($69,000) in damages over claims that include she and her father were "rudely and aggressively escorted" from the ...



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