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  • Dams May Damn the Rare Indus River Dolphin to Extinction

    The otherworldly Indus river dolphin is one of only four species of river dolphins left in the world, and its numbers are falling fast in the Pakistani waterways it calls home. ?The link between the construction of the irrigation barges and depletion of river flow matched very well with the timing and the geographic pattern of dolphin disappearance and was even linked with the speed of ...

  • ?Dolphin Tale 2? has a new tale to tell

    CLEARWATER ? In December 2010, cast and crew of the film ?A Dolphin Tale? were in the middle of their wrap party at a nearby restaurant when rescuers pulled up to Clearwater Marine Aquarium in a wildlife ambulance with a dolphin calf named Hope.

  • Dolphin attacks on bay porpoises

    Dolphin attacks on porpoises in Cardigan Bay leave marine scientists scratching their heads.

  • Fears Strabane dolphin may be dead

    A dolphin that swam 30 miles inland up the River Foyle near Strabane is thought to have died.

  • AUDIO: Dolphin attacks baffle experts

    Dolphin attacks on porpoises in Cardigan Bay have left marine scientists scratching their heads.

  • 6.5m plans to transform the Dolphin Centre still under wraps

    THE owners of Poole?s Dolphin Shopping Centre say they are laying plans to regenerate the site.

  • Dolphin art works are vandalised

    Two dolphin art works, which are part of a popular project in Aberdeen, are vandalised.



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