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  • Dolphin policy 'costs billions'

    A Green Party policy to protect Maui's dolphins could cost Taranaki thousands of jobs and billions of dollars, Conservation Minister Nick Smith says.

  • Dolphin spotted in River Severn

    Marine groups keep watch of a dolphin which has been spotted swimming about in a section of the River Severn.

  • Dams May Damn the Rare Indus River Dolphin to Extinction

    The otherworldly Indus river dolphin is one of only four species of river dolphins left in the world, and its numbers are falling fast in the Pakistani waterways it calls home. ?The link between the construction of the irrigation barges and depletion of river flow matched very well with the timing and the geographic pattern of dolphin disappearance and was even linked with the speed of ...

  • Greens plan fishing bans to save Maui's dolphin

    A Green Government would hugely expand protected areas for Maui's dolphin and ban lethal fishing methods, while compensating fisheries for some of their losses, the party revealed this morning.The Greens' third major environment...

  • Bottlenose dolphin has swum 50 miles inland up River Severn

    The bottlenose dolphin - the most common breed spotted in British waters - has ventured up the Bristol Channel and into the River Severn.



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