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  • Dolphin found dead at Rehoboth Beach

    REHOBOTH BEACH -- A bottlenose dolphin calf was found dead on the beach at Wilmington Avenue, officials said.

  • Dolphin ?committed to recruiting Qataris?

    Dolphin Energy, which has some 300 Qataris on the rolls, is committed to recruit, train and develop the national workforce, said company?s Qatar general manager Adel Ahmed Albuainain.

  • Newborn dolphin calf now nursing, vocalizing, bonding with mom

    The new dolphin born at the Shedd this week is nursing, vocalizing, bonding with mom and learning to swim next to her, all important milestones in its development, officials said Friday. The dolphin was born on Monday, and is now nursing regularly from mother Piquet, a 24-year-old Pacific white-sided dolphin. That represents a ?critical milestone,? officials said. The baby dolphin has bonded ...

  • ?Unique? Dolphin securing south Gulf energy needs

    Dolphin Energy, GCC?s only international gas network, has helped maintain energy security for the southern Gulf region and fuel industrial growth, said the company?s Qatar general manager, Adel Ahmed Albuainain.

  • Blue Dolphin Reports First Quarter Financial Results and Provides Nixon Facility Operational Update

    HOUSTON -- Blue Dolphin Energy Company ("Blue Dolphin") (OTCQX:BDCO), which acquired Lazarus Energy, LLC ("LE") from Lazarus Energy Holdings, LLC ("LEH") in a reverse acquisition ...

  • Dolphin attacking swimmers in Slidell

    A wild dolphin is attacking swimmers and boaters in a canal behind Lakeshore Estates in Slidell.

  • Wild Dolphin Attacks Swimmers In US Town

    A wild dolphin has reportedly been attacking swimmers and boaters in a US town.

  • Rogue dolphin attacks swimmers in Louisiana

    SLIDELL, La., May 29 (UPI) -- A rogue dolphin living in a canal in Slidell, La., has been attacking swimmers and boaters, and little can be done about it, authorities say.

  • Dolphin Cove revamp nearly complete

    Julie Camp, original owner of island treasure Dolphin Cove (aka Pink Pony) in Boca Grande, is the daughter of a Chicago policeman who retired in 1978 to the vacation destination he love.

  • Man-to-dolphin conversation? Scientists can now talk like dolphins

    A new device mimics the sound of dolphins, allowing scientists to possibly start communicating in the language that dolphins speak.



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