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  • Rogue Dolphin, Alone After Katrina, Menaces Lake Area

    Dolphin That Found Way Into Lake After Katrina Deemed Dangerous

  • Rogue Dolphin Terrorizes Lake Residents

    A rogue dolphin has started menacing the residents of an upscale waterfront community outside of New Orleans. The animal was swimming in Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana when his pod left and he was left stranded in the lake. The ?

  • Mean Dolphin Terrorizes Louisiana Lake

    Residents in an upscale waterfront community just outside New Orleans have a menacing animal on their hands. But, it's not the beastly wild animal you would normally think of. Instead, it's a sweet-faced bottle-nosed dolphin and hospital officials say he's already taken a bite out of three people who have entered the waters of Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana.

  • Neighborhood dolphin causes a stir after biting incidents

    Wildlife officials say the dolphin isn't dangerous, but getting too close to feed or pet him exposes boaters to unintended nips.

  • Rogue Dolphin In New Orleans Waters, Displaced By Hurricane Katrina, Attacks Three People

    A rogue dolphin is terrorizing residents near a waterfront community just outside the city of New Orleans. The dolphin, which was left alone after Hurricane Katrina, has attacked at least three people who have entered the waters of Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, La., ABC reported.

  • Dolphin Genes Hold Clues to Animal Intelligence

    Evolution-wise, bottlenose dolphins have left their mammalian brothers in the dust, and new research is showing what genes they changed to do it. These genes include those involved in brain and metabolism.

  • Dolphin Engine Makes Dolphin Browser Beta the Highest Performing HTML5 Mobile Browser Available Today

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- - Dolphin Browser , the most popular third-party browser on Android and iOS and the only Gesture and Voice enabled browser, today announced the launch of Dolphin Engine, behind-the-scenes ...

  • Watch: Aggressive Dolphin Biting Swimmers in Louisiana

    Homeowners debate moving dolphin at NOAA hearing.

  • Worries About a Dolphin in the Hudson

    An offshore bottlenose dolphin, usually found in cold, deep water, has been spotted in the Hudson.



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