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  • Dolphin Browser?s Success Story: How it Plans to Dive into Southeast Asian Waters

    Dolphin Browser took the Android world by storm and achieved 50 million downloads in two years. ?It?s much more than 50 million now,? reveals Edith Yeung, Dolphin Browser?s head of corporate strategy. ...

  • Dolphin Tower still awaits permit for repair

    Dolphin Tower ? ordered empty in July 2010 and burdened by two engineering studies that agree

  • Should Dolphin-Assisted Childbirth Be Legal?

    A North Carolina couple?s decision to fly to Hawaii so they can experience a ?dolphin-assisted birth? has made worldwide headlines and earned them almost universal scorn by scientists, the press, and the public. It?s a bad idea for the dolphins, most people agree, and a dangerous proposition for a woman about to give birth. It might even be illegal.

  • Dolphin Helps Navy Recover Rare Torpedo Under The Sea

    A dolphin being trained by the Navy to find underwater mines recently made a surprising discovery: a 130-year-old brass torpedo, lying dormant at the bottom of the ocean. Host Rachel Martin talks with Chris Harris, chief of operations for the Navy's Marine Mammal Program, about the find.

  • Doctors perform breakthrough dolphin surgery


  • Dead Dolphin Found in Hudson River Upstate

    A boater found a 10-foot-long dolphin dead in the Hudson River upstate Thursday, according to Rockland County officials. Photo Credit: NBC 7 San Diego



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