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  • Sea Shepherd battles to stop Faroes' dolphin 'grind'

    Hundreds of Sea Shepherd activists are heading for the Faroe Islands for an unprecedented campaign against a traditional dolphin hunt that they call "an obsolete massacre," the conservation group said Friday. Relays of volunteers will patrol the ocean and beaches of the remote North Atlantic archipelago, an autonomous country within Denmark, from mid-June to October to try to block the killing ...

  • N.Zealand snubs call to better protect 'hobbit' dolphin

    New Zealand on Wednesday dismissed a call from top marine scientists to better protect a rare dolphin, saying existing safeguards for the creature dubbed "the hobbit of the sea" were sufficient. The International Whaling Commission's (IWC) scientific committee, representing more than 200 marine experts, has warned that the Maui's dolphin will become extinct unless fishing is banned in its ...

  • How A Science Experiment Led to Sexual Encounters Between a Woman and a Dolphin

    It's the story of Margaret Howe Lovatt, who in the 1960s took part in a NASA-funded research project, in which she developed an unusual relationship with a dolphin named Peter. A relationship that at times became sexual. Investigating the case of Margaret Howe Lovatt and Peter the dolphin, it was a relationship that started out of a logistical problem.

  • Experts want urgent action on rare N.Zealand 'hobbit' dolphin

    Marine scientists have urged New Zealand to step up efforts to save the world's rarest dolphin, saying only a few dozen Maui's dolphins remain and immediate action is needed to prevent their extinction. The Maui's dolphin, dubbed "the hobbit of the sea" and found only in shallow waters off the North Island's west coast, is listed as critically endangered, and the International Whaling Commission ...

  • Harry Connick Jr. Helps Dolphin Winter Find a Little Hope in ?Dolphin Tale 2' Trailer (Video)

    After the $95 million global box office success of the original ?Dolphin Tale,? Warner Bros. is back to continue the true story of Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tale, in ?Dolphin Tale 2.? The sequel reunites virtually the entire original cast, while introducing new dolphin Hope to Winter's story.

  • FWC warns that feeding dolphins is illegal

    Spotting a dolphin on the St. Johns River is a regular occurrence in Jacksonville, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is warning boaters and voyeurs of the dolphins that they can look at the dolphins, but not to touch or feed them.

  • The 2014 World Cup kicks off?

    A man was cited $250 for feeding a dolphin that came up to his boat in downtown Jacksonville by Florida Fish and Wildlife. Feeding wild marine mammals is prohibited in order to protect both the dolphins and the people around them.

  • Dolphin Technology Adopts NanoSpice Giga From ProPlus Design Solutions for 28/16nm IP Characterization, Verification

    ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. today announced Dolphin Technology has adopted NanoSpice? Giga, a high performance, giga-scale capacity SPICE simulator, for use with 28- and 16-nanometer design characterization ...



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