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  • Dolphin found dead in Camarines Sur

    A dolphin was found dead at the shore of a town in Camarines Sur province in Bicol last weekend, a television report said early Tuesday.

  • Margaret Howe taught dolphin to speak and it fell in love with her

    For ten weeks in 1965, Margaret Howe, 23, lived day and night, with Peter, a bottlenose dolphin, in a villa on the U.S. Virgin Islands as part of an experiment.

  • Sea Shepherd battles to stop Faroes' dolphin 'grind'

    Hundreds of Sea Shepherd activists are heading for the Faroe Islands for an unprecedented campaign against a traditional dolphin hunt that they call "an obsolete massacre," the conservation group said Friday. Relays of volunteers will patrol the ocean and beaches of the remote North Atlantic archipelago, an autonomous country within Denmark, from mid-June to October to try to block the killing ...

  • N.Zealand snubs call to better protect 'hobbit' dolphin

    New Zealand on Wednesday dismissed a call from top marine scientists to better protect a rare dolphin, saying existing safeguards for the creature dubbed "the hobbit of the sea" were sufficient. The International Whaling Commission's (IWC) scientific committee, representing more than 200 marine experts, has warned that the Maui's dolphin will become extinct unless fishing is banned in its ...

  • More needed to save Maui's dolphin ? IWC

    The Conservation Minister has come under attack for not doing enough to save the critically endangered Maui's dolphin.



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