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  • Dolphin turns 58 at Marineland

    MARINELAND, Fla., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A Florida theme park said its Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Nellie, believed to be the oldest in human care, marked her 58th birthday with a fish and ice cake.

  • BP Oil Spill May Be Linked to Dolphin Deaths in Gulf

    Large numbers of bottlenose dolphin carcasses are washing up on shore along the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama leading scientists and researches scrambling to find out why. Since Jan. 1, an abnormally high number of stillborn and infant bottlenose dolphins have washed up on shore. That number could soon beat out the 89 total from all of last year. Additionally, adult dolphin carcasses have ...

  • Marineland's Nellie the dolphin turns 58

    Neither 5-year-old Brody Woodard nor 58-year-old Nellie the dolphin thought much about history Sunday morning.

  • Dolphin deaths on Gulf Coast alarm scientists

    Scientists are trying to figure out what killed 53 bottlenose dolphins ? many of them babies ? so far this year in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Dolphin deaths in Alabama, Mississippi may be caused by measles-related illness

    With six new dolphin carcasses discovered in Mississippi and Alabama since Saturday, a review of the scientific literature associated with similar mass die offs of marine mammals around the world suggests a common culprit: a morbillivirus. In the same family as the viruses that cause measles in humans and canine distemper in dogs, there are well-documented outbreaks of fatal morbillivirus ...



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