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  • Dolphin Browser Redefines Mobile Browsing With Launch of Dolphin Sonar for Android

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- - Dolphin Browser , the most popular third-party browser on Android and only gesture-based browser on iOS, today announced the release of Dolphin Sonar for Android, a voice-control ...

  • Dolphin Mobile Browser Gets Voice-Control Feature for Android

    Dolphin Browser for mobile devices received a voice-control feature on Wednesday for Android users, allowing them to search the Web with just their voices.

  • Dolphin spotted in bay seems to be safe; no sightings since Sunday

    A common dolphin that had been spotted swimming in West Neck Bay on Shelter Island seems to have returned to the open waters of the Peconic Bay system, according to Julika Wocial, Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation supervisor. There were no spectators, marine mammal rescues, police and no sign of the dolphin Monday [...]

  • Stranded dolphin rescued in Galveston

    A stranded dolphin is rescued after a group of fishermen spot it in shallow water.

  • Dolphin develops Sonar to talk to your browser

    Dolphin's Sonar lets you talk to your browser. (Credit: Dolphin) Dolphin Sonar is a new built-in feature for the Dolphin Browser (download) that lets you control the browser by voice, the company announced yesterday. The feature is a first for mobile browsers. Currently available only in the Android version of the browser, Sonar can be used to search the Web, open or close tabs, and perform ...

  • Something in the water? Dolphin and beluga pregnant at Shedd

    This year is shaping up to be the year of the big baby at the Shedd Aquarium.Pacific white-sided dolphin Piquet, 24, who weighs about 200 pounds, and beluga whale Mauyak, 31, who weighs 1,200 pounds, both are pregnant, aquarium officials announced Tuesday.First time mother Piquet (PEE-ket) is due in May. Mauyak (My-AK), who gave birth to Qannik (kah-NIK) and Miki (MEE-kee) at the Shedd, is due ...



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