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  • Dolphin Rescued from Entanglement

    A Marco Island dolphin caught in fishing line is rescued by a team of marine animal rescue experts.

  • Dolphin vessel named Kahua

    Nearly 300 dolphins have been recorded in the Brahmaputra mainstream so far.

  • Dolphin rescued in Galveston Bay

    GALVESTON, Texas, March 8 (UPI) -- A bottlenose dolphin, stranded in shallow water in Texas' Galveston Bay, was successfully captured and released, authorities said.

  • Dolphin Browser Redefines Mobile Browsing With Launch of Dolphin Sonar for Android

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- - Dolphin Browser , the most popular third-party browser on Android and only gesture-based browser on iOS, today announced the release of Dolphin Sonar for Android, a voice-control ...

  • Exam fails to determine the cause of death of dolphin at Vancouver Aquarium

    VANCOUVER - An examination of the body of a dolphin that died at the Vancouver Aquarium hasn't determined what caused the death.

  • Dolphin Mobile Browser Gets Voice-Control Feature for Android

    Dolphin Browser for mobile devices received a voice-control feature on Wednesday for Android users, allowing them to search the Web with just their voices.

  • Injured dolphin Seymour captured, treated by rescue crew

    Rescue crews captured, treated and released an injured dolphin nicknamed Seymour near Marco Island this afternoon, capping a months-long tracking effort.



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