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  • Ex-dolphin hunter denounces Japanese tradition

    The Japanese practice of dolphin hunting is again under criticism, with an ex-hunter calling the practice inhumane. Photo by Flickr user Thomas Hawk. The annual Japanese dolphin slaughter in Taiji Cove that has drawn international ire, has yet another detractor. Izumi Ishii, an ex-dolphin hunter, has gone on record contradicting the Japanese government?s claims that the practice is a century-old ...

  • Update: Dolphin in Sag Harbor Cove Euthanized

    A common, or bottlenose dolphin, that was discovered swimming in Sag Harbor Cove Thursday night, has been euthanized, according to officials from The Riverhead Foundation.

  • Public warned not to swim with ?jumpy? Doolin dolphin

    Dusty the Doolin dolphin has become ?jumpy? and wary of human contact in the wake of a number of high-profile incidents involving members of the public last year.

  • 2nd dead dolphin found in Beaufort Country

    Another dead bottlenose dolphin has been found in Beaufort County.

  • 2nd dead dolphin found in Beaufort County

    Another dead bottlenose dolphin has been found in Beaufort County.

  • Dolphin Bites Child?s Hand at SeaWorld

    A dolphin at a SeaWorld petting pool has bitten a young child, prompting an internal investigation by the company and a formal complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA published an article yesterday stating that ?a dolphin at SeaWorld San Antonio?s Dolphin Cove latched onto the hand and wrist of a 9-year-old girl so tightly that ...



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