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  • How to Turn a Dolphin, Sea Lion, or Whale Into a Sea Creature Commando

    The dolphin army (or navy, depending on your point of view) will be joining forces with Moscow's existing killer sea lion unit. Even the United States Navy has a sea creature division which includes dolphins, sea lions and whales.  We did some digging to find out exactly what a sea creature commando can do, and if they've done any real damage in the past. Bottlenose dolphins can also be trained ...

  • Russia Stole Ukraine's Killer Dolphin Army

    As you may have heard in the past, the Ukrainian navy has a group of around ten dolphins in Sevastopol that are on active military duty. After last week?s referendum vote to secede from Ukraine, Russian troops began seizing Crimea?s naval bases. The killer dolphins are now being ?preserved and directed? to the Russian navy, according to an employee of the Sevastopol dolphin training facility ...

  • Dolphin whistle translated by computer for the first time - and it said SEAWEED

    One expert heard a dolphin 'say' sargassum when she was swimming in the Caribbean last August and used a prototype translator to decode its whistle.

  • Human-Dolphin Translation

    1. An important update on human-dolphin communication .  "It was late August 2013 and Denise Herzing was swimming in the Caribbean. The dolphin pod she had been tracking for the past 25 years was ...

  • Baby white dolphin catches eyes in Charleston Harbor

    A rare animal might be hunting with its mother in Charleston Harbor - an albino dolphin.

  • Dolphin whistle instantly translated by computer

    Software has performed the first real-time translation of a dolphin whistle ? and better data tools are giving fresh insights into primate communication too        

  • Dolphin Tale 2 star back in Clearwater

    Filming for Dolphin Tale 2 at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium may be over but the stars like Cozi Zue

  • Auckland Rally Against 2014 Dolphin Hunting Season

    More than 50 people marched on Auckland?s Queen Street yesterday calling for the Japanese government to outlaw the annual mass slaughter and capture of dolphins that occurs during every half-year hunting season in Taiji Cove.

  • Film industry lobbies for continued tax credits in Florida

    The Clearwater Marine Aquarium was heavily featured in the 2011 film "Dolphin Tale," which told a fictionalized account of...



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