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  • Dolphin found dead near Adelaide was shot

    An necropsy has shown a bottlenose dolphin which died in Adelaide's Port River area last December had been shot.

  • Dolphin found dead in Adelaide's Port River area was shot, examination reveals

    An examination has revealed a bottlenose dolphin which died in Adelaide's Port River area last December had been shot.

  • Western Australia?s dolphin death shame out of the blue

    Dolphins are being killed in trawl nets in north Western Australia in increasing numbers as authorities fail to address the ongoing problem, according to scientists at Murdoch University.

  • Activists Debate the Results of The Cove Dolphin Hunt

    The dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan, is over for the season, and while some reports suggest the number of animals caught or killed dropped from last season, not every activist working to stop the hunt agrees on why that might be so?or if it?s even true at all. The Oscar-winning 2009 documentary The Cove brought this annual dolphin hunt to worldwide attention. According to a statement from Earth ...

  • Dolphin shot in Adelaide river

    Shotgun pellets have been found in the body of a bottlenose dolphin which died in an Adelaide river.

  • Dolphin finds its way ashore in Iloilo

    Residents gathered at a barangay in Iloilo City Tuesday to see a dolphin that appeared at a shallow part of the waters there.

  • What fishing line can do to a baby dolphin

    A dolphin calf was rescued Friday off the eastern coast of Florida after its rostrum became entangled in a monofilament fishing line.

  • World's top zoo organisation accused of links to Taiji dolphin slaughter in Japan

    Conservationists take World Association of Zoos and Aquariums to court for allegedly sanctioning a deal with fishermen in which dolphins were selected for capture The world?s leading zoo organisation has been accused of being complicit in the infamous dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan, by helping secure captured dolphins for one of its members, despite publicly condemning the practice. The World ...

  • Two Pakistan fishermen rescue stranded dolphin

    KARACHI, Pakistan - A dolphin that beached in the Sonmiani area of Balochistan was rescued and helped swim back to the sea on Tuesday. The species identified as an Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin was about 5.5 feet long. It's a near threatened species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. "The incident took place at a distant place in Miani Hor (a swampy lagoon ...

  • Opinion: Beneath the Surface, a Flawed Body Count

    With the end of the 2014?15 Taiji dolphin drive season in Japan, there has been much speculation offered over the numbers and species of dolphins captured. The number of bottlenose dolphins (considered the prime target for captive marine parks) captured this year was lower and more dolphins were released, but to attempt to assess why is a fool?s errand. Or perhaps, simply, there were not enough ...



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