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  • Pictured: The deadly dolphin dance that proves killer whales DO attack their cousins (Daily Mail: World News)

    It looks like a playful display of animal gymnastics as a dolphin dives inches away from a killer whale. In fact, it is leaping for its life. Killer whales, or orcas, are themselves members of the dolphin family and it had been thought that they avoided attacking their cousins.

  • Honeywell Enhances The DolphinŽ 7600 Mobile Computer With GSM Technology And Windows Mobile 6 (WirelessWorkforceOnline)

    Honeywell recently announces that the Dolphin 7600 Mobile Computer is now available with GSM wireless technology and Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.

  • Amazing video: Dolphin dodges death (Daily Telegraph)

    IT looks like a game - but this is the amazing moment when a threatened dolphin leaps for his life as a killer whale is preparing to pounce. Watch it .

  • Wizard of Oz will be 67th annual Dolphin Show (Daily Northwestern)

    The Wizard of Oz will be the 67th annual Dolphin Show, Arts Alliance executive board members decided Tuesday night. "It's going to be a modern re-telling of a timeless classic," said Zachary Baer, executive producer and president of the show. The 2009 show's three executive producers, along with director Katie Spelman, discussed about 30 options and narrowed it to a top three, said Baer, a ...

  • Dolphin leaps for its life (Perth Now)

    IT LOOKS like a playful display of animal gymnastics as a dolphin dives centimetres away from a killer whale. But the dolphin is leaping for its life.

  • Brewin Dolphin still ?optimistic? (icWales)

    THE executive chairman of investment managers Brewin Dolphin said that despite the credit crunch there were grounds for optimism.

  • Teen dolphin sighted off North Otago (Scoop.co.nz)

    University of Otago dolphin researcher Jennie Upton identified a long-resident Hector's Dolphin in the sea near Moeraki last weekend. "The dolphin we got an ID photo of is in the database from a population survey done in 1995/96," Jennie told 'Blueskin News'.

  • Dolphin holding at Big Ledge (Fernandina Beach News-Leader)

    West winds ranging from 5-18 miles per hour are predicted for both Saturday and Sunday. With this in mind, bluewater fishermen should consider targeting the excellent stock of dolphin that is now holding at Northeast Florida's Big Ledge.

  • TONIGHT'S GAME (Sun-Sentinel)

    Giants at Marlins 7:10 p.m., Dolphin Stadium, Miami Gardens



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