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  • Dolphin vs. man showdown (Stir)

    Witness a breath-taking swimming showdown between a dolphin and a man this Sunday (May 31) in the multi-awarded reality adventure travel show ?Matanglawin.? Is there a chance for man to defeat a sea creature? 

  • Brewin Dolphin optimistic (Financial Times)

    Financial turmoil drove Brewin Dolphin ?s pre-tax profits down 38 per cent for the six months to March 31, but the investment manager said it was optimistic that the worst might be over.

  • Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted In Louisiana Shipping Channel (redOrbit)

    A rare albino bottlenose dolphin has been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico near a Louisiana shipping channel.The pink-pigmented dolphin marks only the 14th to be reported worldwide, and the third in the Gulf, biologist Dagmar Fertl of Plano, Texas told the Associated Press."Something comes up and you say, 'Wow! Did I just ...?' Then he comes up again and you say, 'Yeah! I just saw a pink dolphin!'" ...

  • Rare pink dolphin photographed (Soundings)

    A rare albino bottlenose dolphin has been spotted off New Orleans, one of only 14 such dolphins reported worldwide.

  • Dolphin's death concludes Mote's 38-year study of its life (Naples Daily News)

    A female wild dolphin monitored for 38 years by the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program based at Mote Marine Laboratory died May 22, leaving behind two documented generations of offspring to continue her legacy. Waterfront residents found the 46-year-old dolphin ? known as "FB5" by Program scientists ? on a sandbar near Longboat Key. Mote staff recovered the dolphin, which had succumbed to ...

  • Brewin Dolphin stays upbeat (Edinburgh Evening News)

    INVESTMENT management firm Brewin Dolphin said it was pleased with the performance of its Scottish offices, despite profits declining by more than a third.

  • Brewin Dolphin has reported a 23% fall in pre-tax profits (icWales)

    BREWIN Dolphin, the stockbroker and fund manager with offices in Cardiff and Llandudno, yesterday reported a fall in pre-tax profits of almost a quarter



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