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  • Man, teen son save stranded dolphin

    A FATHER and son have been praised for saving a juvenile dolphin which was in danger of stranding itself on a remote beach near Leeman,  300km north of Perth.

  • Dad and son save stranded dolphin

    A FATHER and son have been praised for saving a juvenile dolphin which stranded itself on a remote beach near Leeman, 300km north of Perth.

  • Stranded dolphin rescued by father and son

    Authorities have praised the efforts of a father and son who they say saved the life of a bottlenose dolphin washed up on a beach near Leeman, north of Perth.

  • Dad, son rescue dolphin

    A teenage boy and his father holidaying in Leeman have rescued a young bottlenose dolphin trapped in shallow water.

  • Distressed Dolphin In Long Beach Found Dead

    A dolphin was found dead in Long Beach after reports of the distressed mammal swimming in circles Saturday morning.

  • Loop Current might be reason for late dolphin run

    Catches of dolphin, or mahi-mahi, along the Keys and mainland South Florida have been spotty this spring. Hordes of small schoolies will appear one day and be gone the next. Anglers chasing diving man-o?-war birds are sometimes disappointed to find there?s no big bull when they get there.

  • Wounded dolphin seeks refuge on shore in Tagum

    WORKERS of the City Agriculture Office of Tagum and Bantay-Dagat residents of Barangay Liboganon rescued an eight-foot long Risso?s dolphin beached temporarily on the shallow waters of the area Saturday. George Grandea, head of the CAGRO-Tagum City, said the dolphin may have been attacked by a shark and its instinct told it to seek shallow [...]

  • Flipping for dolphins

    A 7-year-old dolphin lover is making waves among her peers to help protect her favorite marine mamma

  • Dolphin In Distress Draws Crowd In Long Beach

    A dolphin in distress is drawing a big crowd in Long Beach.

  • Stranded dolphin freed in Riverview canoe rescue

    A dolphin stranded in mud in New Brunswick's Petitcodiac River has been rescued.



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