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  • Dolphin autopsy reveals deformity

    An autopsy carried out on a young male dolphin washed up on a Scottish beach finds it had a spine deformity that may have prevented it from feeding.

  • Japan's dolphin hunters extend season

    Fishermen in Japan's dolphin-hunting town of Taiji have extended their catch season by one month and this week caught some 60 long-finned pilot whales, according to a local official.

  • Dolphin defenders celebrate closing of Turkish dolphinarium

    The mayor of the city of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon, informed in a official writing to the managers of the dolphin protection organisations ProWal and the Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF) from 2 May, 2011 that he guarantees that the dolphin park ...

  • Israel to purchase another Dolphin sub

    JERUSALEM, May 5 (UPI) -- Israel will purchase a third Dolphin Class submarine from Germany for $1 billion despite objections from senior military officials, defense officials said.

  • Dolphin hunt in Taiji extended though May

    Fishermen in the traditional whaling town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, have been allowed to extend their annual dolphin hunt by a month through the end of May and to catch about 200 long-finned pilot whales, according to local fishermen. With the permission of the Wakayama Prefectural Government, local fisherman caught about 60 long-finned pilot whales, a member of the dolphin family, on ...

  • Fresh iPhone Games for May 6: Laser Dolphin, Spider Jack, Mooniz

    Get ready for the weekend with three fresh casual games for your iPhone -- specifically, one that includes a dolphin wearing a laser. Laser Dolphin leads the pack on today?s Fresh Games list, followed by Spider Jack, which is a puzzle game similar to Cut The Rope , and the fast-paced match-three title Mooniz.

  • Man, teen son save stranded dolphin

    A FATHER and son have been praised for saving a juvenile dolphin which was in danger of stranding itself on a remote beach near Leeman,  300km north of Perth.

  • Dad and son save stranded dolphin

    A FATHER and son have been praised for saving a juvenile dolphin which stranded itself on a remote beach near Leeman, 300km north of Perth.

  • Report: Israel acquiring another submarine

    KADIMA, Israel, May 6 (UPI) -- Israel has decided to finalize the acquisition of a sixth Improved Dolphin class submarine from Germany, with payment to be spread over several years.



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