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  • Dolphin autopsy reveals deformity

    An autopsy carried out on a young male dolphin washed up on a Scottish beach finds it had a spine deformity that may have prevented it from feeding.

  • Dolphin carcass washed ashore

    Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, May 12: A carcass of Bottle Nose Dolphin washed ashore at Pamban Coast in the Island Town of Rameswaram, today.

  • Dolphin defenders celebrate closing of Turkish dolphinarium

    The mayor of the city of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon, informed in a official writing to the managers of the dolphin protection organisations ProWal and the Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF) from 2 May, 2011 that he guarantees that the dolphin park ...

  • Dolphin knotted in crab trap near Rockport could die, conservation group says

    The Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network seeks the public's help in finding the dolphin

  • Former Navy dolphin Theresa dead at 56

    Nobody -- dolphin or human -- outranked Theresa in longevity at the Dolphin Research Center. Theresa, matriarch of the dolphin pod at the Grassy Key facility for more than four decades, died Wednesday at an estimated age of 56.

  • Scientists Plan To Create Dolphin Translator, Hope Dolphins Like the Fish

    The time is approaching when we may finally know the age-old question: Will dolphins abanodon Earth when it is demolished for a hyperspace bypass? And more importantly, did they enjoy their stay and the fish at Hotel Earth, complete with full complimentary breakfast?

  • Pubspy: The Dolphin, Sutton

    When I think of dolphins my mind immediately conjures up images of crystal blue waters in which those playful creatures dance through the waves created by the bow of my yacht which I bought after striking it rich on the EuroMillions.



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