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  • Dolphin freed from Long Beach Harbor construction site

    Hours of work by rescuers at a Long Beach Harbor construction site paid off early Wednesday when a wayward dolphin managed to swim back to sea unharmed, authorities said.

  • Trapped dolphin swims to freedom

    A wayward dolphin stuck for two days in a Long Beach Harbor constuction site swam to freedom unharmed today.

  • Wayward Bolsa Chica dolphin may have returned to sea, experts say

    The wayward dolphin who mistakenly made its way into the Bolsa Chica wetlands last month appears to have swum out to sea.

  • Construction Site Walls Cut Away for Dolphin

    Crews removed metal walls at a contruction site in Long Beach Harbor Tuesday in an effort to help a dolphin find its way back to sea.

  • Wayward Calif. dolphin leaves wetlands

    A wayward dolphin that spent more than a week in a Southern California wetlands channel has made its way back to sea.

  • Dolphin trapped in Long Beach Harbor construction site

    Rescuers are at a Long Beach Harbor construction site trying to guide a disoriented dolphin out to sea, officials said Tuesday afternoon.

  • Dolphin escapes Long Beach construction zone

    A dolphin that was stuck in the Long Beach Harbor near a large construction project has escaped.

  • Dolphin speaker to enhance study of dolphin vocalizations and acoustics

    To gain new insights into how dolphins communicate, researchers in Japan created a prototype of an extremely broadband ?dolphin speaker? capable of projecting dolphins? communication sounds, whistles, burst-pulse sounds, as well as detection sounds such as echolocation clicks.



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