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  • Blue Dolphin Reports First Quarter Financial Results and Provides Nixon Facility Operational Update

    HOUSTON -- Blue Dolphin Energy Company ("Blue Dolphin") (OTCQX:BDCO), which acquired Lazarus Energy, LLC ("LE") from Lazarus Energy Holdings, LLC ("LEH") in a reverse acquisition ...

  • Blue Dolphin Provides Nixon Facility Operational Update

    HOUSTON -- Blue Dolphin Energy Company (OTCQX:BDCO), which acquired Lazarus Energy, LLC from Lazarus...

  • WTO: 'Dolphin-safe' label discriminates against Mexico

    A recent WTO ruling on the U.S. "dolphin-safe" tuna label sparks fears the U.S. may have to sacrifice an environmental law.

  • Dolphin Browser Announces Pre-Install Partnership With KDDI, Major Japanese Telecom Operator

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- - Dolphin Browser , the most popular third-party browser on Android and iOS and only Gesture and Voice enabled browser, today announced a partnership with KDDI Corporation, one of the ...

  • Commercial aims to curtail dolphin feeding in Sarasota Bay

    A commercial featuring a popular dolphin that tries to keep people from feeding animals has not had the desired affect, Sarasota County officials said.

  • Hawkeye announcer Gary Dolphin: Cancer-free and ready to go'

    Forty-two radiation treatments later, Dolphin is excited about beginning his 16th consecutive Iowa broadcasting season when the Hawkeyes face Northern Illinois on Sept. 1 at Soldier Field in Chicago. 44 photos: Hawkeye Football's Playboy All-Americans 47 photos: Ultimate Herky Hawkeye mascot gallery

  • WTO rules against U.S. "dolphin safe" tuna

    GENEVA (Reuters) - A World Trade Organization appellate panel on Wednesday said U.S. "dolphin safe" tuna labeling rules unfairly discriminate against Mexico, raising the possibility of sanctions on U.S. goods if the rules are not modified or dropped. The decision is the second time in less than two months the WTO has found fault with U.S. consumer legislation, sparking some U.S. criticism that ...

  • Man-to-dolphin conversation? Scientists can now talk like dolphins

    A new device mimics the sound of dolphins, allowing scientists to possibly start communicating in the language that dolphins speak.



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