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  • Crowder escapes from hair-pulling altercation (Sun-Sentinel)

    Channing Crowder is not one to shy away from a good fight. But during his confrontation with Patriots lineman Matt Light, which took place in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 48-28 loss, it appeared that swinging back was the last thing on the Dolphin linebacker's agenda.

  • Voters Pick Name For Dolphin Calf (CBS 13 Baltimore)

    A baby dolphin at the Baltimore Aquarium is making a big splash.

  • Viewers Name Baby Dolphin Bayley (WBAL-TV Baltimore)

    For weeks now you've been voting in the National Aquarium's Dolphin Naming contest, and now we have a winner!

  • DNA analysis reveals new dolphin species (New Kerala)

    London, Nov 22 : Using DNA analysis, scientists have confirmed the discovery of a new third species of bottlenose dolphin in the waters off southern Australia, which is the only second new dolphin to be discovered in 50 years.

  • Scientists uncover new dolphin species in Australian waters (PhysOrg)

    (PhysOrg.com) -- Marine mammal experts have uncovered a new species of dolphin in Australian waters, challenging existing knowledge about bottlenose dolphin classifications and highlighting the country's marine biodiversity.

  • Dolphin rescue attempt (ABC via Yahoo!7 News)

    A rescue attempt of a dolphin entangled in fishing line will be made in the Port River this afternoon.



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