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  • Mass Appeal: To Study Backward-Finned Dolphin, Researcher Sources Crowds for Cash

    No, it's not photoshopped--that dolphin's fin really is on backward. It is a type of spinner dolphin that lives in the eastern tropical Pacific. The really peculiar thing about these cetaceans is that only the adult males have backward fins. The juveniles and females of the species look completely normal. [More]

  • Dolphin Browser Hits 10 Million Users

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- - Mobotap, creator of the popular Dolphin Browser , today announced that Dolphin has passed 10 million users and is celebrating with a giveaway to Disney World's Dolphin Hotel! Dolphin ...

  • Dolphin calf rescued near John's Pass

    Several feet of tangled fishing line was digging deep into the dolphin, through its mouth, around his flipper, and dorsal fin. It could've been a slow and painful death, had a determined team of biologists and vets not come to the rescue.

  • Pacific Dolphin Swim Association

    The Pacific Dolphin Swim Association is proud to announce the new branding of its competition team name and image. As of November 15, 2011 the official name of the team is the Vancouver Dolphins and the acronym will be VAND. This replaces UB

  • Rescue team frees baby dolphin tangled in fishing line near John's Pass

    By Marissa Lang, Times Staff Writer Wednesday, November 16, 2011 MADEIRA BEACH ? A baby dolphin ensnared in fishing line was rescued Tuesday morning near John's Pass after spending months tangled in the cord. The 6-month-old calf was first spotted in July with his mother off the coast of John's Pass by ecologist and dolphin researcher Ann Weaver. She was doing research at John's Pass, where ...



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