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  • Stranded dolphin found alive

    GULFPORT -- A dolphin stranded in Alabama waters was still alive this week when dolphin-rescue workers got to him.

  • Stranded dolphin a "chance" to solve mysterious deaths

    Another dolphin has washed up on shore, but this time, it survived.  Nicknamed Chance, the young dolphin could hold the key as to why so many dolphins have turned up dead.  Scientists at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies say this is the break they have been waiting for.

  • Rescued dolphin beginning to eat fish

    GULFPORT -- An ailing dolphin rescued in Alabama waters Friday is improving, officials said.

  • Dolphin Square store moves on

    A CLOTHING store, previously based in Dolphin Square, has opened a new bigger store in the town.

  • Whale and Dolphin Games?

    A remarkable photo shows what appears to be a whale and dolphin playing.

  • Travel with Val: Dolphin's Star Power Draws Visitors to Clearwater Aquarium

    Winter the dolphin from the movie "Dolphin's Tale" is greeting visitors in Clearwater, Florida. YNN's Valarie D'Elia filed the following report.

  • Rescue team frees baby dolphin tangled in fishing line near John's Pass

    MADEIRA BEACH ? A baby dolphin ensnared in fishing line was rescued Tuesday morning near John's Pass after spending months tangled in the cord.

  • Mass Appeal: To Study Backward-Finned Dolphin, Researcher Sources Crowds for Cash

    No, it's not photoshopped--that dolphin's fin really is on backward. It is a type of spinner dolphin that lives in the eastern tropical Pacific. The really peculiar thing about these cetaceans is that only the adult males have backward fins. The juveniles and females of the species look completely normal. [More]

  • Miracle dolphin could hold clue to so many deaths

    GULFPORT -- Against all odds, a dolphin stranded in Alabama waters was still alive Wednesday when dolphin-rescue workers with the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies brought it in.

  • Pacific Dolphin Swim Association

    The Pacific Dolphin Swim Association is proud to announce the new branding of its competition team name and image. As of November 15, 2011 the official name of the team is the Vancouver Dolphins and the acronym will be VAND. This replaces UB



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