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  • Dolphin building up head of steam in hunt for glory

    The remaining big challengers for the Ulster Bank title will have sat bolt upright after taking stock of Dolphin?s clinical bonus point victory at Musgrave Park on Saturday.

  • No Debenhams in Dolphin Square

    DEBENHAMS will not open a store in Weston?s new Dolphin Square after it pulled out of talks with developers.

  • The dolphin watcher: Biologist tour guide to publish behavior findings

    KIAWAH ISLAND -- Boat strikes kill dolphins. It's that simple. And people are crowding in on them.

  • Clinical Dolphin see off Shannon

    Shannon 13 Dolphin 31 Dolphin made it back-to-back wins in the Ulster Bank League, comfortably seeing off the challenge of Shannon on Saturday.

  • 'Rock star' who outfitted dolphin helps pediatric amputees - Sun, 04 Nov 2012 PST

    Isabelle James saw ?Dolphin Tale? the day the movie came out, which happened to be her eighth birthday and the day she got another new leg. A year later, she tried a prototype of the dolphin?s tail over her left leg ? amputated above the knee ? as her own prosthetic was off in the lab last week at the Hanger Clinic downtown, getting its extension resistance loosened up.

  • First common dolphin seen in Port River

    Messenger West: A COMMON dolphin has swum into the Port River for the first time.

  • S.C. dolphin drama: Humans try to help distressed animal

    GOOSE CREEK The dolphin was coming straight up out of the water, making pitiful moans and then going back down, slowly swimming around the Bushy Park Boat Landing.

  • Dolphin Speak: Bustin' The Code On Flipper's Rhymes

    Dolphin heroics in helping seafarers in distress have been the stuff of legend since the age of the pharaohs.

  • Honeywell Expands dolphin 6000 line with new lightweight mobile computer

    Honeywell have announced an expansion to its Dolphin 6000 product line with the introduction of the Dolphin 6500 mobile computer, a lightweight solution fit to meet in-premise needs for retail, supply chain, and other light-industrial environments.

  • Does Strapping a Gun to a Dolphin's Head Sound Ethical?

    It sounds like a scheme concocted by a James Bond villain, circa 1965? strap a gun to a dolphin?s head then set it loose to attack enemy deep sea divers. The obvious questions are, ?How would a dolphin pull the trigger of a gun strapped to its head?? followed by, ?Really, we've no simpler means to underwater defense than imprisoning sea mammals and training them to handle firearms??



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