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  • Dolphin genetic study provides revelations

    A 10-year study found genetic differences in dolphins that were along geographic lines: onshore, offshore and even within same general area, such as the Indian River Lagoon in Florida.

  • New Species of Humpback Dolphin Proposed


  • New dolphin species spotted swimming off Australian coast

    A newly discovered species of humpback dolphin has been seen swimming off the northern Australia coast, an international team of scientists reported this week. All humpback dolphins have a characteristic hump just below the dorsal fin, but there are several distinct species in this family of marine mammals, the scientists found. While the Atlantic humpback dolphin has been recognized as a ...

  • New dolphin species identified off Australian coast

    Newly-discovered species of humpback dolphins can grow up to 8 feet long, live off Australia's northern coast

  • Dolphin browser launched in India

    Dolphin, a browser used to surf Internet on mobile devices has been launched in India. The company with over 80 million installations in devices such as phones and tablets wants to...

  • Species of dolphin in northern Australian waters said new to science

    NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- A type of humpback dolphin inhabiting the waters off northern Australia is a species new to science, wildlife experts say.

  • New dolphin species reveals itself in Australia

    Veronica Linares (UPI) -- An unknown species of humpback dolphins has surfaced in Australia.

  • Injury concerns for beached dolphin

    BEACHgoers have been reminded to keep a safe distance from wildlife after a dolphin washed ashore at Lady Bay.

  • Dolphin die-offs, human impact?

    This photo, courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, shows a mother and juvenile bottlenose dolphin. A dolphin virus is suspected of causing the deaths of hundreds of dolphins since July. / AFP/Getty Images



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