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  • Video: Dolphin spotted in Coney Island creek

    A dolphin appears to be bottled up in a creek near Coney Island. The New York Police Department and Fire Department are on the scene in hopes of getting the animal back to open water. WCBS-TV's Jim Smith reports.

  • Dolphin trapped near Coney Island

    A dolphin is trapped near an overpass in Coney Island and the NYPD?s Harbor Unit is currently on scene, cops said. The dolphin was spotted near Cropsey Ave. near Bay...

  • Dolphin stuck in Coney Island creek

    A dolphin stranded and swimming in circles in a creek in Brooklyn is feared dead following a massive rescue attempt.

  • Dolphin Trapped In Canal Off Coney Island

    There was an unusual sight in Brooklyn Thursday as a dolphin was trapped in a canal off Coney Island.

  • Dolphin spotted in Brooklyn creek

    A dolphin appeared to be lost as it swam in circles in Brooklyn's Coney Island Creek on Thursday morning.It was spotted near Cropsey Avenue and Bay 54th St.

  • Dolphin trapped in Brooklyn creek dodges NYPD rescue attempts

    BATH BEACH, Brooklyn (PIX11) ? A wayward dolphin was spotted in a southern Brooklyn creek Thursday, and police tried ? but failed to get the animal to safe waters. The NYPD Emergency Service Unit along with members of Harbor Patrol ?

  • Observers Fear The Worst For Coney Island Dolphin

    Around 2:30, the dolphin appeared to try to beach itself on rocks, and then drifted slowly in the water and has not been seen since.

  • SeaWorld Orlando returns bottlenose dolphin to lagoon after months of care

    On Tuesday, SeaWorld rescuers returned to the wild what may be the sole survivor of a mysterious die-off that has killed at least 74 bottlenose dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon this year. SPECIAL REPORT: Indian River Lagoon in Crisis

  • Opposition wrong over Maui dolphin protection - Smith

    Claims the Government has not heeded advice to expand the protection for Maui?s dolphin are false and overlook the Government?s proposed extension announced in September, Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith says. "The Government imposed interim additional protections last year out to two nautical miles after a dolphin was killed in a set net off Taranaki. I have since announced the proposal for ...



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