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  • Coney Island creek dolphin found dead

    The dolphin that was found wandering in a Coney Island creek was discovered dead this morning, cops said. A bystander first spotted it swimming back and forth near Cropsey Ave....

  • Dolphin Trapped near Coney Island

    A dolphin who apparently swam in with the tide was trapped in a shallow creek off Coney Island. Police say the dolphin swam under a debris boom blocking the mouth of the creek during low tide. Experts say the creek ?

  • Dolphin deaths leave questions

    VIRGINIA BEACH Nearly three months after scientists identified the cause of this summer?s dolphin die-off, they have a pile of data and a handful of solid answers.

  • Dolphin spotted in Brooklyn creek has died

    The dolphin was pulled from the creek in Coney Island around noon on Friday, a witness told the Daily News.

  • Dolphin Spotted In Coney Island Creek Found Dead

    The dolphin was first spotted just before 11 a.m. Thursday near Cropsey Avenue and Bay 54th Street.

  • Big Island resort adds sharks to lagoon exhibit

    A dolphin exhibit at a Big Island resort has added two reef sharks to its lagoon in hopes of keeping them healthy and eventually allowing them to interact with visitors.

  • Coney Island Dolphin Found Dead

    The baby Bottlenose dolphin that was spotted Thursday about 11 AM was believed to have escaped the muddy creek at Cropsey Avenue and Bay 54th Street, known as the Coney Island Creek in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday evening. It ?

  • In Transit Blog: Filming of Movie Won?t Close Clearwater Aquarium

    The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has reversed its decision to close on weekends during the filming the movie ?Dolphin Tale 2.?        

  • Fishermen Rescue Baby Dolphin From Plastic Bag, Calf Appears To Jump For Joy (VIDEO)

    It seems otters aren't the only animals capable of jumping for joy . In an adorable video recently posted on YouTube, fishermen rescue a baby dolphin after it becomes tangled in a plastic bag. The Brazilian anglers pull the struggling calf aboard with a net and free it from the material before returning the dolphin to the ocean off the coast of São Paulo. After the dolphin is cast overboard the ...

  • Video: Dolphin spotted in Coney Island creek

    A dolphin appears to be bottled up in a creek near Coney Island. The New York Police Department and Fire Department are on the scene in hopes of getting the animal back to open water. WCBS-TV's Jim Smith reports.



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