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  • Dolphin virus spreading south, may be infecting whales

    The virus is also popping up in other species

  • NOAA Fisheries unveils apps to help marine mammals

    NOAA Fisheries is unveiling two new smartphone apps, Dolphin &Whale 911 and See & ID Dolphins &Whales, as a way to assist citizens reporting sick, injured or dead marine mammals and identify and view marine mammals responsibly in the wild. The Dolphin & Whale 911 app enables users to report stranded dolphins, whales, and seals in the Southeastern United States (Alabama, Georgia, Florida ...

  • Dolphin trapped near Coney Island

    A dolphin is trapped near an overpass in Coney Island and the NYPD?s Harbor Unit is currently on scene, cops said. The dolphin was spotted near Cropsey Ave. near Bay...

  • Coney Island creek dolphin found dead

    The dolphin that was found wandering in a Coney Island creek was discovered dead this morning, cops said. A bystander first spotted it swimming back and forth near Cropsey Ave....

  • Video: Dolphin spotted in Coney Island creek

    A dolphin appears to be bottled up in a creek near Coney Island. The New York Police Department and Fire Department are on the scene in hopes of getting the animal back to open water. WCBS-TV's Jim Smith reports.

  • New dolphin species spotted swimming off Australian coast

    A newly discovered species of humpback dolphin has been seen swimming off the northern Australia coast, an international team of scientists reported this week. All humpback dolphins have a characteristic hump just below the dorsal fin, but there are several distinct species in this family of marine mammals, the scientists found. While the Atlantic humpback dolphin has been recognized as a ...

  • Dolphin deaths leave questions

    VIRGINIA BEACH Nearly three months after scientists identified the cause of this summer?s dolphin die-off, they have a pile of data and a handful of solid answers.



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