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  • Is Google's Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication?

    An underwater keyboard at Epcot Center, shown at TED by dolphin researcher Denise Herzing It started innocently enough, as rumors do: A friend of a friend and I were chatting about Google and he said that his buddy said that Google's secretive research lab, Google X, was working on communicating with dolphins. 

  • Dolphin Shows Gratitude to the Fishermen Who Rescued It

    A group of fisherman off the coast of São Paolo, Brazil, had their Nov. 15 fishing trip transformed into a rescue mission for one adorable creature of the sea. In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube, the fishermen spot a young dolphin caught in a plastic bag. The anglers use a net to pull the calf onto their boat to help it out. After a few tries, they are finally able to free the dolphin from ...

  • Dolphin stranded on Daytona Beach euthanized

    Rescuers assist a dolphin that stranded itself on Daytona Beach on Thursday morning.

  • Attacked dolphin washes ashore in Volusia County

    An 8-foot bottlenose dolphin that washed ashore Thursday morning on Ormond Beach died after it was likely attacked by a shark, officials said. The dolphin washed ashore about 11 a.m. behind Grand Seas Resort at 2424 N. Atlantic Ave. Officials said the condition of the dolphin suggested that it had likely been attacked by a shark. Experts from Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute attempted to rescue ...

  • Rare dolphin calves sighted in Akaroa Harbour

    Rare dolphin calves are again being sighted in Akaroa Harbour, which is always great news for the endangered species. Spring has again seen Hector's dolphin calves spotted swimming with their mothers in the harbour, which is always exciting, Black Cat Cruises Managing Director Paul Bingham said. "Hector's Dolphins are classified as endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Because of ...

  • Dolphin epidemic hits Fla., Va. strandings still up for November | With Video

    Expert: first pygmy killer whales ever seen in Virginia The deadliest morbillivirus epidemic on record, which decimated stocks of bottlenose dolphins off Virginia and other mid-Atlantic states all summer, has reached Florida as herds migrate south.        

  • Rare dolphin calves spotted near Akaroa

    The appearance of rare dolphin calves in Akaroa Harbour is "great news" for the endangered species, a local tourism operator says.



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