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  • Virus suspected in weekend dolphin deaths

    This is the latest dolphin found dead or dying on a Volusia County beach in recent days.

  • Is Google's Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication?

    An underwater keyboard at Epcot Center, shown at TED by dolphin researcher Denise Herzing It started innocently enough, as rumors do: A friend of a friend and I were chatting about Google and he said that his buddy said that Google's secretive research lab, Google X, was working on communicating with dolphins. 

  • Plan to preserve Maui's dolphin numbers

    The government has released its latest plan for set net bans to protect the rare Maui's dolphin.

  • Dolphin Shows Gratitude to the Fishermen Who Rescued It

    A group of fisherman off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, had their Nov. 15 fishing trip transformed into a rescue mission for one adorable creature of the sea. In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube, the fishermen spot a young dolphin caught in a plastic bag. The anglers use a net to pull the calf onto their boat to help it out. After a few tries, they are finally able to free the dolphin from ...

  • 800 dolphins have died along East Coast since July

    A dead baby dolphin washed up at Anastasia State Park on Monday. More dead dolphins were found along the coast of northeast Florida on Monday. About a dozen bottlenose dolphins have washed up dead in the last two weeks.



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