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  • The Internet Giant That Is Selling Toxic Whale and Dolphin Meat in Japan

    Whale and dolphin meats being sold for human consumption on Yahoo Japan have potentially dangerous levels of poisonous mercury, a report released on Wednesday charged. Of 13 whale and dolphin products purchased online, all contained mercury levels that exceeded the Japanese government?s recommendation of 0.4 parts per million or fewer, according to the group Environmental Investigation Agency ...

  • Dead dolphin seems to be covered in oil near Grand Isle

    A dolphin seemingly covered in oil reportedly was found by a family visiting Elmer's Island over the weekend.

  • Dolphin released in CamSur returns, is rescued from being eaten by locals

    A dolphin that was trapped Saturday off Camarines Sur province returned to the area Sunday, but got a nearly deadly welcome there.

  • WATCH: Dolphin trapped briefly in CamSur waters

    A young dolphin was briefly trapped in a protection net of a resort in Del Gallego town in Camarines Sur province Saturday afternoon.

  • LOOK: Dolphin rescued off CamSur dies; necropsy set

    The third time's a charm?a rather unlucky one, unfortunately, for a dolphin that died in Camarines Sur despite two previous rescue attempts.

  • Blue Dolphin Announces Improved Full Year 2014 Financial Results

    Blue Dolphin Energy Company today announced financial results for the full year ended December 31, 2014.

  • Activists Debate the Results of The Cove Dolphin Hunt

    The dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan, is over for the season, and while some reports suggest the number of animals caught or killed dropped from last season, not every activist working to stop the hunt agrees on why that might be so?or if it?s even true at all. The Oscar-winning 2009 documentary The Cove brought this annual dolphin hunt to worldwide attention. According to a statement from Earth ...

  • Teaching Dolphin Kick

    Teaching Dolphin Kick PHOENIX-Dolphin kick appears in all four strokes?including starts and turns. The following program can help swimmers of any aptitude learn to execute effectively what may be the The post Teaching Dolphin Kick appeared first on Swimming World News .

  • Japan's jumping pink dolphin is one of a kind

    A rare albino dolphin living in a museum in Japan is the only captive member of its species with the genetic condition

  • Ocean Adventure rescues stranded dolphin in Subic

    SUBIC -- A rescue team from Ocean Adventure, a theme park in Subic, rescued a male dolphin on Thursday.



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