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  • Mum and baby dolphin freed after 2 weeks (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    A dolphin and her baby have finally been captured after being trapped in a lake on the New South Wales north coast for two weeks.

  • Rare Chinese dolphins swim into more protected waters (Environmental News Network)

    Xingzikou, China: The Chinese government, which has done quite a lot for the Yangtze river?s endangered freshwater dolphins, last week decided it needed to do more. The key initiative of the new Yangtze Dolphin Network is to connect existing reserves established for the Baiji dolphin, the world's most endangered member of the whale family, and the finless porpoise.

  • Shark-Dolphin engagement announced (Parkes Champion-Post)

    Once upon a time, pool-side at Parkes, a dolphin and a shark slipped into a conversation that flowed around their shared love of the water. Their friendship developed swimmingly.

  • Florida State gets Griffin, Sims back from suspension (Miami Herald)

    When Florida State plays Miami at Dolphin Stadium on Saturday, the Seminoles should be closer to full strength than they have been all season.

  • RICKY WILLIAMS STILL JONESING FOR WEED: Miami Dolphin admits he was close to lighting up during bye weekend. (Eurweb)

    *Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has admitted that he still struggles with his love for marijuana and was tempted to smoke during the team's bye weekend, reports the Miami Herald.

  • Winter the dolphin on CBS Early Show (WTSP - Tampa Bay's 10 News)

    The dolphin being fitted for a prosthetic tail has become an inspiration.

  • Dolphin Integration launches audio converters (EETimes.fr)

    Dolphin Integration SA, French provider of embedded memories and audio converters in the form of intellectual property cores, has introduced digital audio converters (DACs) for resident consumer applications.

  • How To Sell In Tough Times (Forbes)

    Shake off the crisis and get back to work.



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