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  • Dolphin's 'Tail' Inpires Metro Girl to Reach Goals

    Beaches, Disney World and a bottlenose dolphin named Winter. Those are on the to do list for four-year-old Ashlyn Fowler.

  • Dolphin's movie boosts attendance at aquarium

    A movie about a tail-less dolphin is bringing a record number of visitors to the Tampa Bay-area aquarium where the famous animal lives.

  • ?Dolphin's Tale' is a personal story for Eagle resident

    Alaina Sheehy and Winter the Dolphin smile for the camera at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Sheehy interned at the acquarium during 2010 and Winter is the title subject of the new film ?Dolphin Tale? currently showing at the Capitol Theater in Eagle.

  • International dolphin expert needed: report

    An investigation into dolphin deaths in Perth estuaries several years ago has recommended the health of the mammals and estuaries be analysed separately.

  • Dolphin's tricks make a splash

    South Australia's Port River dolphins have made a splash today, as young calf 'Ripple' showed off spectacular tail-walking skills.

  • "Dolphin Tale" jumps to top of movie box office

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Simba the lion may rule the jungle, but he couldn't beat a plucky dolphin at the weekend box office.

  • 'Dolphin Tale' star inspires Tucson family

    16-year-old Tucsonan Kristine Hodgkinson lost her left leg and her hearing after she developed complications when she was born prematurely.

  • West Volusia Beacon Movie Review ? Dolphin Tale

    Loosely based on the true story of a captive dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Dolphin Tale presents a very human story, one refreshingly devoid of villains. It?s a conflict with no aggressor, an assemblage of good people just trying to cope with difficult circumstances, and with admirabl ...



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