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  • Dolphin protection ban eased

    A fishing ban brought in to protect an endangered dolphin species is being eased.In 2008, a general ban on using set nets at the top of the South Island's east coast was introduced to protect Hector's dolphins, which can get entangled...

  • Dolphin with £100,000 false tail is movie star

    WINTER the dolphin shows off her £100k artificial tail which has made her a film star

  • Dolphin management measures announced

    The Ministry of Fisheries today announced the decision of Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Phil Heatley to allow amateur fishers to use set nets in a defined area at the top of the east coast of the South Island (ECSI).

  • Man who created first prosthetic dolphin tail visits Savannah

    Talk about a popular movie, Dolphin Tale has grossed over $49 million. It's the story of a dolphin who's tail was amputated and the world renowned prosthetic expert who stepped in and created a new one to help her swim. The man who created the tail was in Savannah this afternoon.  

  • ?Dolphin's Tale' is a personal story for Eagle resident

    Alaina Sheehy and Winter the Dolphin smile for the camera at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Sheehy interned at the acquarium during 2010 and Winter is the title subject of the new film ?Dolphin Tale? currently showing at the Capitol Theater in Eagle.

  • Dolphin Tale ? review

    You won't be surprised by anything in this kiddie-empowerment film about a dolphin with a fake tail, even if it tries to be a little dark It's easy to roll one's eyes at Dolphin Tale, which is heavy on swelling music and how children ? aw, shucks! ? can teach adults a thing or two about holding on to hope. Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) is a lonely, disaffected Florida kid who finds an injured dolphin ...

  • Recent releases: 'Dolphin Tale,' 'The Ides of March,' 'Real Steel'

    "Dolphin Tale" * * *

  • Harry Connick Jr says he loved playing second fiddle to a dolphin

    Winter the dolphin lost her tail in an accident off Florida's Atlantic coast but overcame considerable physical disabilities to go on to star opposite Grammy award-winning Connick.



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