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  • Dolphin therapy is a scam | Dea Birkett

    The film Dolphin Tale perpetuates a myth that swimming with dolphins will 'restore' disabled people such as my daughter I've lost track how many times my disabled daughter has been offered a swim with a dolphin. While disabled people struggle to get a hoist or a few hours' home help, numerous charities will fly them to Florida to experience the miraculous feeling of frolicking in the water with ...

  • ?Dolphin Tale? teaches inspiring lessons about caring

    The current film, ?Dolphin Tale,? is based on a real story, the inspiring account of how a young boy and some committed people working at a marine sanctuary not only saved an injured dolphin?s life, but gave it a new prosthetic tail that helped prevent its eventual demise. That sounds like an inspiring story, all [...]

  • Con hold firm to sink old rivals Dolphin

    DOLPHIN suffered a galling defeat at the hands of arch city rivals Cork Constitution in the Ulster Bank League at Musgrave Park last night.

  • Dolphin with prosthetic tail hits Hollywood

    Inspired by the real-life story of a dolphin with an artificial fin, Dolphin Tale just manages to keep its head above the saccharine waters of its heavy-handed script

  • Police presence pays off at Dolphin Mall after arrest of fraud suspects

    Sweetwater police have begun patrolling the Dolphin Mall. That paid off in the arrest of two credit-card fraud suspects, one of whom is charged with trying to run over an officer.

  • Dolphin with 100,000 false tail is movie star

    WINTER the dolphin shows off her 100k artificial tail which has made her a film star



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