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  • Dolphin Birth Caught in Amazing Underwater Video

    A female dolphin was born at a Hawaiian resort last week and amazing underwater video footage shows the baby's birth and first swim with her mom.

  • Famous Begging Dolphin Found Dead

    A dolphin known as "Beggar" for his tendency to approach boaters for food has been found dead, possibly as a result of his poor diet.

  • Beggar the Dolphin Killed By a Diet of Hot Dogs and Beer

    Turns out that a diet of beer and hot dogs?though theoretically appetizing?is just as harmful to dolphins as it is to humans, especially when it encourages bad behavior in the former.Just like the dog who has learned to eye dinner scraps at the table, Beggar the dolphin developed an ultimately fatal habit of approaching humans in Sarasota, Florida?a habit that was reinforced and enabled by ...

  • Dolphin Dies Hours After Beaching Itself In Far Rockaway

    The 5-foot female dolphin was found around 9:30 a.m. Friday, but died several hours later.

  • Dolphin Tale movie brings global recognition to Manatee business

    Dan Strzempka has gained global recognition fir his part in saving Winter the dolphin, whose story was made into a movie.



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