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  • Trade Dispute With Mexico Over 'Dolphin-Safe' Tuna Heats Up

    The fight over Mexican tuna, and whether it is truly fished using dolphin safe practices, rages on. Mexico recently won a two decade long fight to get its tuna labeled dolphin safe. The WTO this month ruled in its favor. But the U.S. still refuses to allow Mexican tuna with a dolphin safe label on store shelves. Mexico says it's had enough and is preparing to retaliate with trade sanctions on U ...

  • Dolphin Hear, Dolphin Do: Imitation by Echolocation

    True imitation is a rarity in the animal kingdom. Dolphins are able to mimic other dolphins behavior, especially when trained to do so as part of a do-as-I-do experiment. Even when blindfolded, the dolphins had no trouble figuring out what another dolphin was doing from sound alone. Interestingly, when imitating the far stranger behavior of a swimming human, blindfolded dolphins used ...

  • How to Collect a Dead Dolphin [Slide Show]

    How to Collect a Dead Dolphin [Slide Show]

  • Fisheries center in Dagupan treats injured dolphin

    LINGAYEN, Pangasinan?A rare striped dolphin kept returning to the beach here Friday morning until its baffled rescuers realized the marine mammal had trouble swimming because of an injury.   Fernando de Guzman, head of the provincial disaster risk reduction and management council, said the dolphin was discovered at about 5:30 a.m. by rescue personnel.   ?I immediately instructed them to return ...

  • Dolphin Tale 2 filming in Clearwater

    The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, fresh off of the box-office smash hit "Dolphin Tale," starring its resident dolphin Winter, is getting ready to reap the benefits of a sequel, already in pre-production.

  • Are Humans behind the Massive Dolphin Die-Offs along the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coast?

    Are Humans behind the Massive Dolphin Die-Offs along the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coast?

  • Winter?s Real Tale?Life for a Dolphin Star Is Not Easy, but Is It Exploitation?

    Do animals pay a price for fame?



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