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  • Dolphin-killing morbillivirus arrives in South Carolina

    Dolphin are dying here now too. The creatures are washing up on beaches as far south as Hilton Head Island, killed by the virus morbillivirus plaguing the East Coast pods.

  • Stranded dolphin in Leschenault Estuary freed

    UPDATED: A dolphin which got a little adventurous looking for food and was stranded during low tide in the Leschenault Estuary this morning has been freed by the team from Bunbury's Dolphin Discovery Centre.

  • Dolphin stranded in Leschenault Estuary

    An Australind resident driving to work at 6am this morning noticed a beached dolphin in the Leschenault Estuary this morning and rang his wife, who called relevant authorities.

  • Dolphin calf born at Brookfield Zoo

    Dolphin shows at Brookfield Zoo have been temporarily canceled to allow a male calf born Wednesday to bond with his mother.        

  • Necropsy finds 5 fish hooks in dolphin in Hawaii

    A rare dolphin found dead on a remote Hawaii beach earlier this month swallowed five fish hooks, but they apparently didn't cause its death. A necropsy of the dolphin ? called a false killer whale ? showed ...

  • Airlines Might Just Hold the Secret to Ending Dolphin Captures at the Cove

    If a dolphin were captured by Japanese fishermen and sold at great profit to a faraway amusement park, but no one was willing to fly the animal there, would the fishermen want to capture more dolphins? Probably not.

  • Bennett holds nerve as Shannon snatch it

    Shannon 31 Dolphin 29 Tadgh Bennett kept his nerve to land a 35-metre penalty with the last kick of the game and earn Shannon a thrilling victory over Dolphin in Saturday?s ODM Munster Senior Cup at Coonagh on Saturday.

  • Dolphin gives birth at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago

    CHICAGO, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- Chicago's Brookfield Zoo announced a 31-year-old dolphin gave birth to a calf, causing a temporary end to the facility's Dolphin Presentations.

  • Dolphin Hear, Dolphin Do: Imitation by Echolocation

    True imitation is a rarity in the animal kingdom. Dolphins are able to mimic other dolphins behavior, especially when trained to do so as part of a do-as-I-do experiment. Even when blindfolded, the dolphins had no trouble figuring out what another dolphin was doing from sound alone. Interestingly, when imitating the far stranger behavior of a swimming human, blindfolded dolphins used ...

  • Trade Dispute With Mexico Over 'Dolphin-Safe' Tuna Heats Up

    The fight over Mexican tuna, and whether it is truly fished using dolphin safe practices, rages on. Mexico recently won a two decade long fight to get its tuna labeled dolphin safe. The WTO this month ruled in its favor. But the U.S. still refuses to allow Mexican tuna with a dolphin safe label on store shelves. Mexico says it's had enough and is preparing to retaliate with trade sanctions on U ...



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