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  • New dolphin species spotted swimming off Australian coast

    A newly discovered species of humpback dolphin has been seen swimming off the northern Australia coast, an international team of scientists reported this week. All humpback dolphins have a characteristic hump just below the dorsal fin, but there are several distinct species in this family of marine mammals, the scientists found. While the Atlantic humpback dolphin has been recognized as a ...

  • New dolphin species identified off Australian coast

    Newly-discovered species of humpback dolphins can grow up to 8 feet long, live off Australia's northern coast

  • New dolphin species discovered off north Australia

    Scientists expressed "surprise and delight" Thursday after a new humpback dolphin species was identified off northern Australia, with genetic mapping singling out an animal not previously known to science. A global team led by the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society made the discovery after examining almost 200 dead dolphins and tissue specimens from live animals across the four Atlantic ...

  • New dolphin species reveals itself in Australia

    Veronica Linares (UPI) -- An unknown species of humpback dolphins has surfaced in Australia.

  • Species of dolphin in northern Australian waters said new to science

    NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- A type of humpback dolphin inhabiting the waters off northern Australia is a species new to science, wildlife experts say.

  • New dolphin species discovered off Australian coast

    Researchers have announced the discovery of a new species of humpback dolphin off Australia's northern coast.

  • New dolphin species found off the coast of Australia

    Scientists have identified a new species of humpback dolphin that lives in the waters north of Australia. There are many types of dolphin in the world, but one type in particular ? the humpback dolphin ? has been giving scientists ? Continue reading ?

  • New Humpback Dolphin Species Found Off Northern Australia

    [ Watch the Video: There's A New Dolphin In The Family ] April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A team of researchers, led by the Wildlife Conservation Society ( WCS ) and the American Museum of Natural History, have discovered a previously unknown species of humpback dolphin swimming off the coast of northern Australia. The research team used both physical features and genetic ...

  • The Anti?Google Alliance: Dolphin's Quest To Be The International Mobile Browser

    When mobile browser Dolphin launched in 2011, its creators at MoboTap had a simple goal: Beat Google and Apple at their own game by creating a mobile?first browser designed for smartphones and tablets instead of desktops. And MoboTap's strategy worked. Dolphin is faster than Google Chrome or Apple's Safari mobile products, and over 600,000 users gave the Dolphin app a five star review in the ...



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