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  • ?Dolphin Tale 2? Swims Around in Circles

    Dolphin Tale 2 waddles along with no real story to tell.

  • Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Review - ?Dolphin Tale 2? Swims Around in Circles

    Dolphin Tale 2 waddles along with no real story to tell.

  • Dolphin eludes would-be rescuers off Florida pier

    Crews work to rescue a dolphin off the Pensacola Beach Pier on Wednesday. / Ben Twingley, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal PENSACOLA, Fla. - Rescuers will be back in the Gulf of Mexico early Thursday trying once again to capture and remove fishing line from the tail of a bottlenose dolphin that's been hanging out at the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier for months.

  • 'Dolphin Tale' creator visits Portland

    The movie "Dolphin Tale" tells the true story of Winter the dolphin, who after losing her tail in an accident, is fitted with the world's first prosthetic dolphin tail. Kevin Carroll, the real-life prosthesis behind that technology, continues to educate around the world and he made a stop in Portland Tuesday. For thousands of amputees, Carroll represents hope, healing and strength. He travels ...

  • Captive Killer Whales Learn to Speak Dolphin

    Are killer whales multilingual?

  • Another dolphin pregnant at Ocean Adventure Park

    SUBIC FREEPORT -- Another baby dolphin will be born next year, officials of Ocean Adventure announced on Thursday. "This is a result of the nurturing environment provided to all the animals at the marine theme park, and the care and affection bestowed upon them by the Ocean Adventure family.

  • For the Love of Dolphins

    Don?t you just love dolphins? I?ve watched lots of dolphin shows as a child, and they are definitely among the cutest and smartest creatures in the world?giggling (or at least I think they are giggles), clowning around, and clapping like humans. They give people breathtaking rides, treat them to acrobatic water stunts, leaping in the [?]

  • ?Dolphin Tale? aquarium struggles despite movie?s success

    Many more visitors now come see injured dolphin Winter, but plans for new facility are in question.



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