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  • Breathalyser used to diagnose dolphin health

    Researchers have developed a type of breathalyser that can diagnose dolphin health by measuring the metabolites in their breath.

  • ?I Am Dolphin?: where dolphins, gaming and neuroscience meet

    This is your brain on dolphins.

  • Dolphin 'breathalyzer' could help diagnose animal and ocean health

    Alcohol consumption isn't the only thing a breath analysis can reveal. Scientists have been studying its possible use for diagnosing a wide range of conditions in humans -- and now in the beloved bottlenose dolphin. One team describes a new instrument that can analyze the metabolites in breath from dolphins, which have been dying in alarming numbers along the Atlantic coast this year.

  • Hopkins' new video game may pave way for stroke therapy

    With a swipe across an iPad, a game player becomes a bottlenose dolphin. Everything the gamer does, the dolphin does, too. She can dive deep into the water, shoot 20 feet up and twist into a full-body spin in midair. Amid the acrobatics, the gamer hunts fish, outsmarts sharks and takes on other...

  • Dolphin diary reveals loss, love and the art of ?tail walking?

    PORT River dolphin volunteer Marianna Boorman reveals loss, love and the art of ?tail walking? in her latest dolphin diary.

  • ?Dolphin Tale? aquarium struggles despite movie?s success

    Many more visitors now come see injured dolphin Winter, but plans for new facility are in question.

  • Killer Whales Learn How to Speak Dolphin

    Killer whales are known for their haunting songs consisting of complex whistles and clicks, but they can also learn "dolphin speak," a new study finds. She and her team collected sound recordings from three killer whales that had been housed with bottlenose dolphins for several years, and compared them with sounds collected from seven killer whales and control bottlenose dolphins, which had not ...

  • Dolphin hunters, activists face off

    Dolphin season begins again in a controversial hunt in Taiji, Japan.



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