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  • Rare dolphin capture 'shows more protection needed'

    Dolphin advocates say the capture of an endangered Maui or Hector?s dolphin in a recreational set net this year shows more protection is needed.

  • Rain dampens dolphin celebrations

    Wet weather dampened the popularity of the Dolphin Discovery Centre?s 25th birthday celebrations at the weekend but centre general manager David Kerr remained buoyant about the event.

  • ?I Am Dolphin?: where dolphins, gaming and neuroscience meet

    This is your brain on dolphins.

  • 'Dolphin Tale' developer touts new technology

    "The soft gel we developed to help 'Winter' use the device is now literally on thousands of people across the world."

  • This Dolphin ?Breathalyzer? Diagnoses the Health of Marine Mammals and the Ocean

    Biologists are pulling dolphins over and giving them breathalyzer tests?and not because they?re high on puffer fish.

  • Bottlenose dolphin born at SeaWorld San Diego

    A bottlenose dolphin calf was born at SeaWorld San Diego this afternoon and both mother and baby appeared to be in good health.

  • SeaWorld San Diego dolphin gives birth to 40-pound bundle of joy

    SAN DIEGO ? A dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego has given birth to a 40-pound bundle of joy. The water park says a 13-year-old bottlenose dolphin named Sadie gave birth Saturday afternoon to her second calf.

  • Dolphin hunters, activists face off

    Dolphin season begins again in a controversial hunt in Taiji, Japan.

  • Baby bottlenose dolphin born at SeaWorld San Diego

    SeaWorld San Diego welcomed a healthy baby bottlenose dolphin to its marine family on Saturday afternoon.



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